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Knowledge Access.

On-demand knowledge from top healthcare experts
to accelerate your journey to clinical proficiency.

e-Shadow experts

We've captured knowledge from the world's top healthcare experts so you can learn at your convenience.

Learning paths

Accelerate your journey to clinical proficiency with guided learning journeys.


Follow detailed clinical workflows. Watch them as many times as you need. Revisit it whenever you want.

Skills Boosting.

Face-to-face learning is the best way to expand your knowledge, but it can be expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to scale within a department. Our goal is to provide a learning platform that simulates that in-person experience without its drawbacks and with many added benefits.

Learning Paths

If you're new to a product, you can follow our
curated learning journeys to guide you towards clinical expertise. 

Knowledge Library

Our knowledge library allows you to browse for content you need right now. The extensive variety of materials enables you to learn the same topic through the lenses of several experts.

Flexible Learning

Learn at your own pace, at your own convenience.
Bite-size learning allows you to expand your expertise without impacting your daily routine.

Social Learning

Our social learning platform encourages discussions, sharing of experiences, and collaborative problem-solving conversations.